T-Shirt Care Tips from The Tee Merchant



It is worth caring for your printed t-shirt properly. The temptation is to just sling it in the machine, with whatever else needs doing, on a hot wash and then tumble dry everything together. Definitely NOT the thing to do if you wish to keep it looking like the day you bought it, but great if you wish to quickly get that ‘old tee’ look!

The best way to care for your t shirt would be a cold wash, in mild natural soap and drying slowly . . . but, nice though your tee might be, let’s face it few of us have that kind of dedication.

So, here are 10 tips on how to care for your t-shirt without becoming obsessed.

#1 Turn the t-shirt inside out, this helps protect the printed design from being damaged by being rubbed against other clothes and the washing machine drum.

#2 Wash with similar fabrics and colors (never wash whites with any other color). While the image of chucking your blue jeans and white tee into the machine looks cool, it isn’t the best thing to do.

#3 Wash in cold or slightly warm water, on a delicate cycle preferably. This helps preserve the printed design and the tee.

#4 Use a mild detergent or soap. There are some very effective natural cleaners such as soapnuts.

#5 Do not use bleach, or chlorine based cleaners.

#6 Do not dry clean.

#7 Do not tumble dry or wring your tee. Instead leave it to hang and dry naturally, inside out. Even better is laying your tee flat to dry.

#8 Do not hang with the design facing towards direct sunlight - sun is great for drying quickly, but it is detrimental to printed and even dyed colors. It is best to dry without any direct sunlight on your t-shirt.

#9 If you have a desire to iron, then do so inside out, never iron directly onto the printed design - you can always iron the right way out, if you place a cotton cloth between the iron and the design. Use the coolest setting that will remove creases.

#10 Take a look at our t-shirt folding tips on how to fold for at home or travel. If you prefer to hang your tees in a wardrobe then use a hangar that supports the whole top seam of the tee, to avoid getting those end of hangar distortions, and pull the hangar through from the bottom of the shirt, not the top as this distorts the neck.

Alright, maybe that seemed a bit obsessive, after all it is just a t shirt and there is something appealing about an aged tee.

For those who prefer the quick review on caring for your tshirt:

Wash and Iron Inside Out

Cold Wash in Natural Detergent with Similar Colors and Fabrics

Dry Naturally


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